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What if IOS was not a walled garden

apple walled-garden

Image made by Agê Barros

In an alternative timeline, Apple would have supported RCS earlier, allowed iCloud to be used on other platforms, or just made it open so that the user could make their own choice.

Or supporting alternative app stores and new software that couldn't be in the Apple app store. Alternative payment methods, supporting alternative browsers (like Firefox and Chrome). Supporting backups from different cloud providers (like NextCloud or Google Drive).

Customization of the look of the operating system, like fonts, colorschemes, and custom icons (not custom shortcuts). Allowing alternative toolkits and building and testing IOS applications from any operating system.

Having an option for alternative default applications, allowing 3rd party home launchers. Giving more powerful options for power users. Opening the bootloader, allowing custom operating systems to exist on their devices.

Rollback support and full web support. Allowing to check the status of the system, what tasks are running, and how much resource is being used. Having support for full disk encryption.

Supporting alternative installation methods. Supporting alternative AI assistants.

And etc. There are so many things that could happen if IOS were not a walled garden.