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Another Rewrite

Rewrite Bite-size

Welcome to another round of Rewrite. Lets talk about the new stuff!

No more summaries! Yippy. Now the site is using page.description and page.extra.images:

And no hardcoded font. Now it should use your system provided monospace font instead. And the site now has better themes and styles:

And Bc of this new site design I have made a new logo for it:

And bc of that the site doesnt use PNGs for the logo anymore.

And New styling for the tables:

And you think that was it? Of course not!

Now the site has Interactable Keyboard + Keys and Showing who is the author of the posts in the site (formally this was RSS only).

Also new styling for

[User@Host] $ cat readme
Blockcodes For every coding language ever!

And a curvy look for images and a better looking blog list:

And the all new archive, disclaimer, trigger warning things:

And i want to credit Duckquill for inspiring me.

And thats it hope you have a wonderful day.